Perazzi MXS

The Perazzi MXS is getting a lot of attention and it is well deserved. I have been speaking with the guys over at Perazzi Canada and this new gun appears to be a MX-8 for a fraction of the price at $6,750. The way in which Perazzi dropped the price is through the production of the MXS rather than a compromise in quality which is very interesting. Perazzi will be making the MXS in batch quantities which is a first for the bespoke gun maker. I would imagine that this gun will be a hot seller in the international bunker market as well as the sporting market. Since the gun is currently not being produced with a single barrel the American trap market may be a difficult sell.

This gun will compete head on head with the Beretta 692 and I think Perazzi may come out on top. The Beretta 692 is $4,500 which is cheaper than the MXS but there are quality sacrifices with the 692 that the MXS will not have when compared to the top end competition shotguns.

At first, I figured that the MXS would cannibalize MX-8 sales tremendously but after more thought and a few Vanilla Cokes (amazing) I changed my mind. The MXS is in a different category than the MX-8. Since the MX-8 is a bespoke gun the clientele will always want to have everything customized and price point should not be an issue. The real competition for the MXS will be the used MX-8 market since they will both be in the same price range and both will not be customized (for the new purchaser). In terms of new guns in the middle market, Perazzi should come away with a lot of would be Caesar Guerini, Blaser and Beretta buyers.

Time will tell, the MXS will be released in easrly Spring 2014.

For the review and product specs of the MXS check it out here

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